Exclusive Representative
Of Netafim In Serbia Since 2004

Avital Agro is the exclusive representative of Netafim in Serbia since 2004. Netafim, the world’s pioneer in drip irrigation technology Provides innovative solutions for raising yields while saving maximum water and reducing erosion and soil erosion. Netafim leverages its core products at the forefront of technology, combined with agronomic expertise and over 50 years of experience.

Netafim provides its customers worldwide with agronomic support and solutions for various plantations, vineyards, bio-energy crops, greenhouses and gardening. The engineering department offers the company’s customers comprehensive support, modular solutions, tailor-made products, from feasibility studies to advanced technologies for implementation and construction of projects worldwide.

Precision Irrigation Solutions


Orchard farming involves big investments and high risks. Precision irrigation and fertigation are designed to give you higher, more-uniform yields and better crop health – regardless of adverse weather – every year.

Open Fields

With the unpredictability of the weather, fluctuating markets and increasing production costs, growing in open field becomes a delicate balance between smart risk management and optimal crop management. That’s where precision irrigation and fertigation come in.

Protected Crops

Now that you’ve made a big investment in a greenhouse or net-house, you’ll need to maximize your productivity per square meter to get a faster return on investment. You need more precision. And more control.

Product offering

Drippers and Dripper lines

For higher and better-quality yields, you need every single dripper in your field to deliver the perfect quantity of water and nutrients to the roots of every single plant.

No clogging. No problems. Just uniformly better crops and higher yields, no matter what.


Your filters need to protect your irrigation system. They need to prevent contaminants and clogging so water is delivered as planned and your crops stay healthy. They need to be optimized for your water conditions and flow rates.

Most of all, they need to give you the confidence that your irrigation investment is secure.

Sprinklers, Micro and Special Emitters

The best sprinklers and emitters are reliable and durable. They need to work incredibly hard and resist harsh conditions , and still provide consistently uniform water distribution day after day, year after year.

Flexible and Pe pipes

You wouldn’t think there’s been a lot of innovation in conduction pipes for main and submain irrigation lines. But new designs, new materials and special accessories are making it both easier and more efficient to assemble and operate irrigation systems.

Believe it or not, you’re about to be impressed by a pipe.


The connectors you choose for your irrigation system can be the difference between leaks and disconnections to smooth and reliable operation. You need them to be designed smartly and built with premium raw materials so they’re reliable enough to withstand UV damage and variable temperatures.


Your valves are the gatekeepers of your precision irrigation system. They control the water flow throughout, regulate the pressure and flow rate, and they ensure optimal function, resulting in smooth operation and uniform crops.

With our valves, you can stay focused on your crops, and trust your irrigation system to keep working for you.