AKOL was created in 1978. and has become a leading software management system that provides the agricultural sector with comprehensive, computer-based, communication solutions to meet its needs. AKOL’s IT solutions help farmers, across different agricultural sectors, integrate their farm data from numerous sources, to manage their resources, administrative processes, and day-to-day functionality, providing them with real-time control and the ability to conduct efficient future planning. AKOL’s main platform is www.AKOLogic.info the first “Agricultural Cloud” in the world, ERP solution for agriculture based on Microsoft Cloud “Azure”. The system allows for monitoring the growth process, from the field to the supermarket, with Full traceability. AKOLogic provides financial and agricultural management tools for farmers and control systems for governments; AKOLogic is the only software in the world, based on a unique methodology that allows traditional growers to export products without using the system.

Uli Sharon & Meir Avital
Mr Uli Sharon agronomist AKOLogic and Mr Meir Avital

Customer: Agrolink
Location: Bosnia
Type of: Computerization of the agricultural exports of Bosnia.
The scope: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for the Users
Date start: January 2012

The project was funded by ECD from U.S. Government In order to help them raise their agricultural In GNP. The purpose of the organization along with the Norwegian Government is to allow Bosnian farmers to market fresh produce to the EU and increase agricultural income and income for the country. To benefit from this mission the Organizations established a Bosnian company for agricultural export – Agrolink. The company chooses AKOL for the farm management system through which all fresh produce from the seed to the supermarket will be managed and monitored. Data collection was carried out with the help of agricultural students, through smart terminals. All conformance to the Global Gap standard was carried out through the control center.


Project: Managing 70 villages and a huge logistic center with AKOLogic ERP 

Location: Angola 

Type of: ERP system for managing the growing of fresh produce 

The scope: EUR 150,000,000 

Date start: 2016.

The project was founded by World Bank In order to teach the local farmers how to grow agricultural produce in a modern way. To benefit this mission the management company hired AKOL services with AKOLogic technology to computerize the project. All the data is collected by the AKOLogic system into one database and the organization performs a joint purchase, a joint export etc.

Today, all farms and crops are managed in the system. After two growth cycles the growers export bananas and sweet potatoes to the European market under the Global Gap Standard.



Location: Sri Lanka

Type of: Greenhouses for vegetable growing

The scope: 55,000$

Date start: 2017.

Computing farms that are growing vegetables for export to Singapore and China all the farms are managed according to Israeli methodology using AKOLogic software.


Project: The Government of Nigeria, Plateau ASTC “Mini Israel”

Location: Plateau State, Nigeria

Type of: Computerization of the Government company that provides services to 300,000 farmers

The scope: Between 300,000 to one million dollars for each center

Date start: Start 01/05/2012.

The Government company has a demonstration farm for the training of Israeli Technology. The farms are used as a University and Demonstration center for farmers in the State. The farmers also learn about Israeli technology and hire’s its plot processing services. During the period he learns to work with Israeli technology and implement it. At the end of the process, the product can be sold to the Government company and then released to the market under the brand ASTC. (There are currently Israeli dairy farms, poultry farms, greenhouses, net houses, field crops, and more …)


Project: Computing the Israel’s leading export company https://galilee-export.com

Location: Various places in Israel

Type of: Connect all cooperative growers with one system

The scope: $150,000 dollars every year

Date start: January 2016.

AKOLogic – The first “Agricultural Cloud” in the world, based on Microsoft Cloud “Azure”, using a SAAS – Software as a Service model.

The system allows monitoring the process until the supermarket – Full Traceability. By using our monitoring and control system you can active:
• Immediate improvement the quality – Food safety
• A significant increase in quantities – Food security
• Prediction of pests and disease treatment – Plant Protection
• Considerable savings in expenses and proper distribution of resources – Efficiency
• Using growth protocol (known) and international regulatory compliance – Global Gap, PrimusLabs, etc.
• Implementation methodologies and efficient processes in the agriculture sector (including using agricultural sensors and devices) – Innovation
• Allowing the consumer in the supermarket to know where the vegetable grows and what materials used – Transparency and information sharing
• Working with international entities. The system fully supports all languages.