To increase yield, save energy, shorten growing cycles and improve farmer’s profitability.

Israeli-based, publicly traded in Australia (ASX: ROO), ROOTS is a graduate of the Israeli Chief Scientist Technological Incubator program.

ROOTS is selling its disruptive, modular, cutting-edge technologies worldwide.

Root Zone Temperature Optimisation (RZTO) is a two-in-one root zone heating and cooling for indoors, greenhouses, hoop houses, and outdoors.

Roots’ technologies/systems assist growers to increase yield, save energy, shorten growing cycles, provide supplies security and produce water for irrigation from humidity in the air. All are designed to increase the grower’s profitability and mitigate extreme weather effects on production and cultivation.

RZTO technology 1

Roots’ proprietary stub enables producers to stabilize pot and grow bag soil temperatures year-round, increases pot maneuverability as well as significantly reduces costs associated with RZTO installation.

Heat exchange stub for various substrates – saves on entering the pots or grow bags from the side and allows free movement of the pots and substrates just by lifting the stub.

Root temperatures influence all parameters of a plant’s physiology and therefore attaining and maintaining optimum root zone temperature range is essential for a plant’s robust growth, productivity, and quality. The RZTO tech is a closed–loop system providing optimal root zone temperature year-round and can be used with any cultivation substrates. The energy source can be one of the following three options: Heat pumps (electric or gas), Heat pumps (hybrids) with Ground Source Heat Exchange (GSHE), or GSHE alone. The system includes 12 up to sensors input +Remote control and cloud–based real-time data sharing for farmers. To date over 50 systems were installed worldwide.

RZTO technology 2


The familiar RTZO system combined with state-of-the-art Drop irrigation and fertilization system 2 in 1. Roots RTZO systems are based on Ground Source Heat Exchange (GSHE) inserted coils at depth or Heat pumps. We can now provide a new in-pot T-shaped heat exchange probe coupled with Drip irrigation and fertilization in one system. This provides root zone cooling & heating and irrigation/fertigation in one complete unit.

RZTO technology 3

ROOTS unique fertigation system drip or sprinklers uses the same controller and same water pipe used for the heating and the cooling of the roots zone for irrigation purposes. The advantages are enormous as the system is easy to install or disassembled, pots can be moved and by doing so, it can be used for many growing cycles.

One control panel for controlling the roots zone temperature and irrigation is easy to operate. Using the same water pipe and controller for both irrigation/fertilization and heating/cooling the root zone is cost-effective.

RZTO technology 4


ROOTS IBC is a standalone, closed-loop, solar-operated system to irrigate crops by condensing water from moisture /humidity in the air on the external surface of pipes. The system’s insulated water tank is filled once. Thereafter the water is continually cooled to below the dew point, and the chilled water is circulated in pipes placed on the ground surface or vertically. The humidity that condenses on the pipes flows to the soil and is used to irrigate the crops with pure, chilled water. Thus far, nine crops plus Avocado trees and grapevines were fully grown and thriving irrigated just from humidity in the air!.

The IBC tech was chosen by NASA Tech’s Brief’s Magazine among the “Technologies of the Month” a few years ago. This is the best solution where the system is to be used for precise agricultural cultivation with high energy efficiency. The technology provided significant yield increases and multiple other benefits among farmers in Israel, North America, and China thus confirming Netafim results obtained in their R&D farm. Many utility and design patents were granted and awarded in multiple key territories around the world.