Saturas’s patented sensor, the StemSense™, is the first commercially, cost effective technology to directly measure Stem Water Potential (SWP). Embedded into the tree’s trunk and connected to the vascular tissue, our sensor provides one specific value that is all you need to know in order to optimize your irrigation.

Saturas´ automated, easy to use system provides the most accurate real-time data available in the market today. Our technology requires a minimal number of sensors per hectare (1-3 sensors), making it a cost effective solution.

The holy grail of precision irrigation today is Stem Water Potential (SWP) – a scientifically recognized, highly accurate parameter for determining water status in crops. SWP accurately indicates the stress level of trees. It is the least spatially variable feature in an orchard or vineyard because the trunk integrates the water status of the plant from the soil and up to the atmosphere.

The only way to monitor SWP today is manual, labor intensive and costly. Other irrigation measurement products provide indirect measurements and are subject to many variables.

With years of R&D, combining technologies from the mechanical, electrical, and even medical worlds, Saturas’ StemSense™ is the first to successfully monitor the plant’s water status directly through the tree’s water tissue.


Saturas’ highly accurate sensors are the only ones embedded into the tree stem and offer automatic Stem Water Potential (SWP) measurement, combined with ease of use at a significantly lower cost than products currently on the market.