Water Treatment & Infrastructure Solutions

Avital solutions enable municipalities to keep pace with urban population growth, increasing regulatory requirements, and the need to reduce daily operation and maintenance expenses and overhead. Avital delivers cost-effective technology which helps municipalities to increase treatment capacity, and improve effluent quality with minimal civil works, while adding little or no treatment volume.

Water Infrastructure

AVITAL Group has led water infrastructure projects using PE and steel pipelines in a variety of diameters using diverse methods in order to distribute and deliver water to the agricultural sector and to private and public consumers.

Water Treatment & Ground Water Production

AVITAL group water treatment solutions benefit local municipalities, agriculture, national infrastructures, public recreation sites, military installations, service industries, public utilities, healthcare facilities, all types of manufacturing and of course, the environment.


In the area of water treatment, AVITAL Group covers all of the complex processes encompassing the entire project lifecycle – from design and building through operation and transfer. AVITAL carries out infrastructure construction, groundwater drilling, upgrade and purification, surface water treatment, conduction and delivery, and wastewater and effluent reuse projects,

Drainage Systems And Flood Control

Using dams, weirs, river channeling and pipes, we create solutions that keep the water where it should be. In addition to preventing flood damage, good drainage and flood control systems limit the waste of clean water, and stop the spread of disease caused by water build-up in stagnant ponds. These systems store the surplus water in reservoirs or artificially recharge it to the aquifer for later use during the dry season.